About the author

My name is Conor. I'm a student of linguistics and computer science currently based in Philadelphia, by way of North Carolina, but sometimes I also live in the Netherlands. I was exposed to linguistics at a tender young age because I started making languages in elementary school, for which you can blame most of my odd interests. My favorites besides languages are history, human geography, psychology, coding, math, and music. If you're bored and have nothing to do, listen to one of the following songs:

J'ai Osé - Keny Arkana
Ten Thousand Words - Avett Brothers
Carousel Ride - Rubblebucket

Places I've been:

Languages I'm great at: English, Dutch

Languages I can chat in: Mandarin

Languages of which I have a smattering: Russian, MS Arabic, Latin, Russian, French, Turkish, Nepali

Wish list: Hebrew, Indonesian, Irish, Finnishfinnishfinnish (so pretty...)

The language I make: Lavvinko (link soon)

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