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500 Word Answers came online in November 2016 to answer reader questions about social science topics, ranging from sociology to history to psychology to linguistics in a short, digestible form. Humans are a complicated species and every post is really only the beginning of an answer - further reading is always provided to promote further investigation. Topics come from the brains of both writer and reader - if there's anything you'd like to have answered on the blog please email conorstuartroe@yahoo.com!

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The blog has three different segments, each with a different posting schedule:

ConLing is the world of descriptive linguistics and constructed languages. If you're a hobbyist linguist, a conlanger of any experience level, or just a casual wonderer about this little-known window into human brains and cultures, this is the place for you! A new ConLing post is published every single Sunday, and most weeks I choose to cover a particular linguistic field or feature but sometimes more conlanging-specific topics.

Brain Stuff is about the human mind and the way it functions and learns. Topics range from learning languages and polyglotism, to deeper studies of the way the brain does what it does, not just language but consciousness, sleep, happiness, and all else. This is a space for language learners, introspectors, and anyone who has a brain or knows someone with a brain and wants to know how to get the most out of it. A new Brain Stuff post is published every other Wednesday. 

 Human Story is about the reasons societies are what and where they are, from standard history topics to more abstract study of the dynamics of culture, why societies are organized the way they are, how people interact with their environments, and the patterns underlying human political, social, and cultural behaviors. A new post is published every other Wednesday.

The monthly Conlang Showcase is where I feature one reader's contribution to conlanging, the very geeky hobby of making languages. The showcase comes out on the first Saturday of every month. If you'd like to have your language spotlighted by 500 Word Answers just send an email to conorstuartroe@yahoo.com with info or links about your project!

500 Word Answers is currently on the hunt for new writing and web design talent! If you'd like to become part of the team please email conorstuartroe@yahoo.com with a bit about your area of expertise and a few samples of your work.

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