ConLing is the world of descriptive linguistics and constructed languages. If you're a hobbyist linguist, a conlanger of any experience level, or just a casual wonderer about this little-known window into human brains and cultures, this is the place for you! A new ConLing post is published every single Sunday, and most weeks I choose to cover a particular linguistic field or feature but sometimes more conlanging-specific topics.

29 January - What are the Indo-European languages?
22 January - What's the deal with strong verbs?
15 January - What are the Austronesian languages?
8 January - What constitutes a philosophical language?
1 January - What are the Bantu languages?
25 December - What is vowel harmony?
18 December - How does ergativity work?
11 December - Why are so many Chinese logograms pronounced the same?
4 December - How does allophony work?
27 November - Where do names come from? (Part 2 - types of names)
20 November - Where do names come from? (Part 1 - metahistory)
13 November - What is head directionality?

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